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What is Extra Virgin Olive Oil

It is defined as extra virgin olive oil, obtained by mechanical means, directly from the fruit of the olive, which does not undergo any treatment other than washing, decantation, centrifugation or filtration. To be defined as such, the oil must also have certain organolectic characteristics and chemical compositions.


From the chemical point of view:
- The level of free acidity must not exceed 0.8 g per 100g. This parameter identifies the quality of the olives from which the oil was extracted.
- The number of peroxides should be equal or lower than 20 mEq / kg: indicate the oxidation state fatty acids of an oil.

In organolectic term, the oil has to get positive opinion at the examination from the panel test, which defines fruity intensity and notices any defects of the oil.

The oil is classified into different categories according to the indicators of quality achieved.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Olive oil of superior quality obtained directly from olives and only by mechanical means
≤ 0,8 %≤ 20 mEq/Kg6,5
Minimum score of test panel
> 0= 0
Virgin olive oil
Olive oil of superior quality obtained directly from olives and only by mechanical means
≤ 2 %≤ 20 mEq/Kg5,5> 0≤ 3,5
"Lampante" olive oil
Oil obtained from olives solely by mechanical or other physical processes but with a high percentage of acidity, peroxides and defects
> 2 %> 20 mEq/Kg 0> 3,5
Olive Oil
Oil containing exclusive olive oils which have undergone a refining process and oils obtained directly from olives
≤ 1 %≤ 15 mEq/Kg   
"Pomace" olive oil
Oil containing exclusive oils derived by processing the product obtained after the extraction of olive oil (waste) and oils obtained directly from olives.
oils which contain onlyoils obtained by processing olive pomace and oils obtained directly from olives.

The table shows that the first three oils were obtained from the pressing of olives by mechanical processes but the significant differences detected by chemical and organoleptic analysis define the different quality level ("lampante" oil can not be labeled and marketed for consumption). Olive oils and olive-pomace oil are blends composed by refined oil (that resulted in several chemical operations and / or use of solvents, to a odorless, colorless, oily fat) and virgin oils. Consumers should be careful in this case as chemical residues can remain in the oil and can be harmful.

The panel test assessment take into account the following organoleptic guidelines:

Positeve attributes

Fruity: typical of oil obtained from healthy fruit that has just been harvested that at olfactory analysis remember the smell of freshly pressed olives. Fruity can be light average or intense and can be defined green or mature according to maturation level reached from the olives.
Bitter: typical of oil obtained  from olives harvested at the right maturation level. This taste sansation is linked ad the presence more or less marked of polyphenols, natural antioxidants.
Spicy: typical of oil obtained  from olivesharvested at the beginning maturation level.This attribute cames from the presence of polyphenols too.

An oil can still be described as balanced or sweet, according the prevalence of bitter and spice on the fruit.

Major defects found

Heated: caused from olives piled or bunched together and have begun the fermentation process.
Mold: caused from the development of fungus and yeast in piled green and ripe olives.
"Morchia": oils remained in contact with mud decanting.
Winey-vinegary: fermented olives with contents of acetic acid ethyl acetate and ethanol.
Metal: caused from prolonged contact with metal surfaces during processing or storage.
Rancid: oil that has undergone oxidation.
Coocked: oils obtained in unsuitable thermal conditions.
Hay–wood: oils originated from dry olives.

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