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Osteria Teatro Strabacco
Via Oberdan 2 - 60100 Ancona
T. 071.56748

Macelleria Ricciotti
Piazza Kennedy, 3 - 60030 Maiolati Spontini AN)
T. 0731.701357

Condiments with extra virgin olive oil

Our Aromatized Condiments come from the crushing of olive together whit the aromatizer product like lemons, mandarins, orange (all strictly organic), to have a more balanced taste and long-term product preserving its own healthful features too.

Our Target

People to whom time in never enough and with a few drops could change quickly a simple or traditional dish in an agreeable novelty.

Who likes essay chagement in cookery, looking for coupling ever different without forgo quality.

To the youth tha during happy-hour, while the are chatting and laughing, delight their-self whit delicious appetizer or snacks.

  • Chili pepper condiment

    Gives a touch of sprightliness to any dish.
    A simple pasta whith tomato-sauce or a "bruschetta" whit fresh small-tomatoes and aromatic spices hashed and also for a more lovely "pizza".

  • Lemon condiment

    Add drops of delicacy.
    Excellent for salad and for all fish-dishes, celebrates the scent of sweets.

  • Mandarin condiment

    Gives freshness notes.
    Ideal for pickled anchovies, original for spinach and vegetable salads, special for sweets.

  • "Salamora" condiment

    Recall the traditional tast of Marche´s province.
    It is the classic condiment used to flavour black olives form our hills: garlic, orange and wild-fennel, delicous on pruned-bread, special on a "pasta" whit fresh small-tomatoes, excellent with roasts and white-meat.

Az. Agr. Carbonetti
di Marina Carbonetti
Maiolati Spontini (AN) - ITALY
Mob. +39.0731704408
Tel. +39 339.1386355
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